Tharaka Nandakumara

Tharaka Nandakumara


From : Colombo Sri Lanka

APIs: All ideamart APIs

About Tharaka :

I am a self-motivated individual who is very determined and goal oriented. I have started my journey with ideamart in 2012 and successfully contributed in numerous ways. I have studied in Ananda College Colombo. Currently studying B.S in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Telecommunication in Wichita State University, USA. Among the apps I have developed on ideamart, Chat Track, Dot 3 Events and Pakshiya Rajawena welawa are some of them. I have used all of the APIs in ideamart such as SMS, USSD, LBS and CaaS ezCash and I am able to develop any type of app using ideamart and Android Platforms

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