Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to apply a new hosting request ?

You can apply under the below format and send it to devsupport@idemart.lk
Connect Mobile Number : ####
Developer Name : ……
Developer Email : ……..
Development Language : ……..
Database Needed : Yes / No

2. How may I contact developer at ideamart ?

Dial 345
Email – devsupport@ideamart.lk
Sms – devsup <space> your email <space> your question  and send it to 77177

3. How may I get marketing approval ?

4. When will the revenue be remitted to my bank account ?

Between 13th – 18th of every month

5. How long should I wait to get an application approved ?

One day
      Note- you must put clear description to get an approval

6.Got error with LBS API what should I do ?

OLD Json body


New Json Body


Remove freshness and horizontalAccurancy

7.Problem with CASS API


Its not giving you correct respond when you send this json


Remove the paymentInstrumentName parameter

What are the types of apps which are not allowed in Ideamart

  1. Political apps
  2. Apps which promotes racism / discrimination to anyone
  3. Apps which sent out adult contents
  4. Gambling and bidding apps
  5. Apps which gives out reloads / cash.
  6. Location sharing and tracking applications
  7. Chat application
  8. News Alert