App Promo Tips

App Promo Tips

One of the most important aspects of ideamart is to enable a developer or any App creator to monetize their idea. This process should be supported by marketing campaigns to create awareness among the public that would make use of such application. The starting point of making the application public would be to publish the application on Idea Apps Store. Dialog will market the apps store on a regular basis, and select applications from time to time based on events or timeliness of such application.

The most important factor in getting users to your application is to define your target audience and determine the means of getting your message across to this target audience. (For example, if the application is an alert on Animal Welfare, the target audience mainly comprise of Animal Rights groups and Activists).

Once you define the target audience, you need to find ways to get your message across to this target groups. The following tips might be useful to generate awareness and interest among public to subscribe to an application created.

  • Advertising on Mass media – Classifieds, Strip ads on TV, Radio DJ endorsements could be considered the most cost effective.

  • Web based adverts – Google Adverts are quite cost effective. In addition, web banners on a few available sites that’s visited by your defined target audience.

  • Create a blog page – Blog pages could be created FREE and could be found when individuals of same interest would search on the Internet. In addition, these blog pages could be used to provide more insight to the message that was sent using your application and also be monetized.

  • Create a social media site – A Facebook page / Twitter for the application where you can get the public aware of the available application also helps get subscriptions for the application and page. Here again, many other supporting activities could be made available by use of social media. (Ex. In addition to main alert application, a FB based question could trigger a poll or a feedback application on ideamart). It is easy to get subscription based on FB or Twitter as you can get your friends to popularize on their friends networks.

  • A simple Poster campaign – This is when your target audience is confined to a limited geographical area (Like a university or a community) or patronize a common location (a recreational area, church,temple).

  • Word of Mouth – One of the most powerful means of getting a message across. Get your friends to talk about it to their friends and communities.