Creating an application on ideadroid

Login to ideamart account and select ideadroid.


How to Start creating an application:

  1. Click on “Try it now”.

2Select the preferred business industry (Restaurant or Shopping).

  1. If you need more information/ learn more about the available options, select “Learn more”.

  2. If not, select “Create Now” and start building the app.



Business category: Restaurant

Please note that once you complete a step, you cannot go back and change the data. You will be required to start from the beginning.

Step 1:

  1. Enter basic App details.

  • App Name – 9 characters

  • Brief description of the application

  1. Click “Continue”


Step 2:

  1. Choose any preferred theme color for the application

  2. Then add a suitable image as application icon.

  3. Click “Continue”


Step 3:

  1. Enter the Menu details. Fill the text boxes accordingly and if you want to add more food items (or remove a particular food item) click the options as showed in 4.


2. If you allow your customers to pre-order food in the menu, select “Yes”.

3.If you provide food delivery to the customers, select “Yes” and then add the delivery supported areas. i.e. Colombo 04- 07.

4.If you allow customers to share food items on social media, select “Yes”.

5.Click “Continue”.


Step 4:

  1. If you want to send out notifications (Promos & Offers) to your customers, select “Yes”.

  2. Click “Continue”.


Step 5:

  1. Enter the restaurant contact details.

  2. Click “Continue” and then click again to submit your app details.


Finally you will see the following.

12. droid-successAfter creating the app, you can view the statuses of the created applications by clicking “My Apps”.

13. my-apps114. droid-my-app-list

After selecting a particular application, the following dash board will be appeared where you can see the app details along with notifications. Also you have more options as mentioned below.

  1. Notifications

  2. Download

  3. Purchases

  4. Products

15. more-options

  1. Notify users

If you want to send a message to the subscribers (also known as “Premium users”), click on “Notifications”.

16. notify-user

2. Download

This will allow you to download the android application and install it to your device. Once you click on “Download”, the .apk file will be downloaded to My Downloads in the PC. Also you can use the mobile phone to install the application.

17. droid-apk

3. Purchases

You can click on “Purchases” and view all the purchase orders made by the customers via USSD/ android application.

18. purchase

Also you can view purchase order details for each transaction.

19- purchase-order-details

4. Products

To view the available products of the restaurant, you can click on “Products” and then click on Actions to edit the product details.

20. manage-products-1

Also you can add new food items to the business by clicking on “Add Item” and the fill the details accordingly.

21. add-product