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Ideadroid is a new addition to the Ideamart platform which offers SMEs the possibility to take their business to the smartphone application market.

It is a wizard based Android application creation platform. SMEs can easily generate smartphone applications for their business and to track the sales that are generated via mobile app. This helps SMEs to open a new sales channel for their business with growing number of smartphone users.

The platform also offers an intuitive back office for the generated applications. Which allows the SMEs to update their merchandise in a few clicks and directly push it to their customers


  1. Easy and cost effective way to create an Android application built for the business.

  2. Apps can be customized to match the businesses branding.

  3. A back office which allows the merchandise to be easily maintained.

  4. Purchases and Orders notified instantly via the back office.

Platform Charges 

Each Ideadroid application will be charged Rupees 15.00 + Taxes per day. The payment will be added to your Dialog bill or subtracted from the prepaid credit from the registered Dialog mobile no.

* To create an Ideadroid application, you need register with an active Dialog number.

Payment Options

Ideadroid support 2 types of payment methods. The app can be easily configured to use either one of them, during the app creation process. They are Add to bill and Dialog eZ Cash. When using these payment methods there is a small fee that is charged by the platform.

Customer Charges

  • When a customer makes a purchase via Add to bill, they will be added a 22% Telco levy on top of the purchase amount.

  • If the customer opts for payment via eZ Cash a service charge of 2.5% will be subtracted from the sale amount.

*Vendors may also create apps with cash on delivery, cash on pick up options or catalog applications which do not support online payment options.


  • Enablement of other operators to utilize the service from merchants is provided but all the features will not be applicable for other operators apart from Dialog users.

  • Such critical information should be conveyed to the end user.