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In-app purchase is an increasingly popular form of application monetization which enables application users to use applications free of charge and purchase additional features while running and utilizing the application.

Some examples of the types of purchases the applications can provide are as follows.

  • Subscription to content; like in an online magazine with monthly content updates.

  • Consumable items; for an example pay and buy coins to spend in a gaming application.

  • A permanent purchase to unlock vital features of the application; for instance, the Save function in a photo editing application might be disabled until you’ve paid an in-app fee, so that users can test the application before they decide if it’s worth the price.

In-App Purchase Android Applications

Ideamart’s in-app purchasing android SDK can be used to enable in-app purchasing via consumers’ telco payment options. These android applications can communicate with telco app stores installed in android devices and connect with in app purchasing services.

In-App Purchase Web Applications

Same as android the in-app purchasing web SDK can be used to enable in-app purchasing for web applications. These in-app purchasing enabled web applications can redirect consumers to telco web appstore and get the in-app purchasing done.

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