Voting Application

How to create a Voting application

Step 1

Click on the Voting button as follows.



Step 2

1. Then fill the details regarding your voting application.



  • Application Name – Should have 4-9 characters.

  • Keyword – Click on the Create Keyword.





2. Select a Short Code from the given list and enter a Keyword.

Keyword must be a simple unique term which doesn’t already exist. Click on the Addbutton once you enter it.

  • Application Validity Duration – If your Voting Application is limited for a certain period of time, select the Does your application require an expiry date? box and specify the expiry date.

  • Description – Give a proper description about your application and its purpose because it will be easier to approve your app quickly.

3. Click Next.

Step 3

1. Now add the Voting Candidates.



  • Candidate Code – The number of the candidate.

  • Description – Most probably the name of the candidate. Might vary depending on your Voting Application.

2. You can add more candidates by clicking button.

3. Select the box Only One Vote per Number if you don’t accept multiple votes from the same number.

4. Click Next.


 Step 4

1. The provided details will be displayed as follows.


  • Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 11.35.15 AMCharging Configuarations – The above mentioned details are set by default.

2. Re -check the details you have entered, modify any changes and click Confirm.

3. Finally you will see the following.