How to create a Dialog Connect Account

How to create a Dialog Connect Account

Step 1

Go to


Step 2

Click on “Create an account” link which is in the bottom right.

Step 3

Enter the required details.


Step 4

Once the details are entered, you will receive a verification code to the email.


Step 5

Once the verification code is submitted, login to the system by providing your email address entered and password.


Step 6

In first time access you will need to provide authorization for the following.


Step 7

Fill all the details in the form.

Step 8

Add a connection (Very Important)


Step 9

Select the sim type (i.e. DTV, Mobile, Fixed) and provide the phone number without  ‘0’.


Step 10

You will receive a verification SMS to your SIM. Make sure at that point its active and you have the access to check.

Step 11

You are ready to start with Ideamart account. If you are logging in for the first time, you will have to fill a form. If you don’t know any information, enter dummy values and later you can change.

CAUTION – ­If your account is already connected with Dialog Connect and if you can’t remember credentials, use forgot password section (go to step 1) to get either password or username.