About Us

About Us



Ideamart is a platform presented by Dialog Axiata PLC to developers and content providers to use the Dialog network based features via shared APIs and monetize their efforts. The platform allows developers to use features based on Idea Pro, where the scripts to APIs are shared for them to create applications, whereas, Idea Apps comprise of pre-loaded applications for a content provider.

Dialog intends to continue to add and share more network based APIs with the developer community and also create more templates based on such shared APIs for the use of content providers over time.

Developer Assistance

Ideamart platform is also a place where Individuals or Organizations with requirements to create applications could meet skilled Developers.  This feature enables developers to showcase their talents and earn by creating apps for the needy. The platform presents various forums and communities on ideamart meant for developers and content providers as well as the general public to meet and exchange ideas as well as get help from each other.

In addition, the Dialog ideamart Team is always there to help any party who requires clarifications with regard to the ideamart platform and its offerings.

Terms & Conditions

Dialog is very particular about protecting the privacy of the users of the ideamart platform based services. Please read our Terms and Conditions and agree to them.

Idea Events

Idea Events are where Dialog would conduct programs on use of ideamart platform and also conduct competitions. Please visit our “Events Page” to find out upcoming events and also to know what happened in the past events conducted.  Also please invite us for your “Next Big Idea” event based on Mobile App Development.

Idea Community

The IdeaWiki creates forums where developers and content providers can display their findings on ideamart based features and discuss. The forums will also be under the two main groups of Idea Apps and Idea Pro where users can exchange their views and get opinions of the others.


Ideamart provides developers and content providers to make money for your creativity. The revenue share between Application creator and Dialog is on a 70 : 30 ratio.


Please feel free to contact us if you need any further clarifications on Ideamart.


The App promo tips page provides developers and content providers a few basic ideas on application promoting. Please visit the pages and let us know your Idea to receive our support to make it a reality.